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Science Fair Project

Atiya Groomes
Maurice Wise December 19, 2007
Science Project
Topic- Germs

Title- Who gets all the Germs?

Question- Which doorknob leading in or out the biology room, has the most germs?

Hypothesis- The right outside doorknob will have the most germs, because this is only door everyone touches.

1. Cotton swabs (4)
2. Toothpicks (4)
3. Microscope
4. Microscope slides (4) (labled with each doorknob location)
5. Cover slips (4)
6. Lugols aqueous solution
7. Agar plates (4) ( labled with each doorknob location)
8. dye

1. Swab a doorknob.
2. Rub that exact same swab into the correct labled agar plate.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 using different doorknob and different agar plate.
4. Let samples sit in an incubator for 60 hours at 40 degrees Celsius, to allow germs to grow.
5. Take samples out of the incubator.
6. Using a different toothpick for each agar plate take a small sample out of each agar plate and rub on the correctly labled slide.(place a drop of dye where bacteria sample was rubed)
7. Place cover slip over each slide. (where the sample was rub)
8. Place a slide on the microscope.
9. Look at the slide through the microscope
10. Make observation.
11. Record observation


Outside Biology Room (right)-
There are many tiny bacteria and about 4 larger bacteria.

Inside Biology Room (right)-
Lots of tiny bacteria about 2 larger bacteria

Outside Biology Room (left)-
Some tiny bacteria and about 4 bigger bacteria

Inside Biology Room (left)-
Some tiny particle about 3 larger particles

Analysis of Results-
The results were surprising I did not find what I thought I would find, but I did notice that the hypothesis was right.

The hypothesis was correct the door that everyone uses to enter the biology room had the most bacteria.

Geometry Project

Science Fair Project

For my science fair project my partner and I tested germs on a doorknob.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


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Random House Publishing Group, copyright 1986, New York
This source helps us to understand the background of
the delegate who proposed the compromise. We will use
this source to help us learn about the delegate who
proposed the compromise at the convention. This is a
secondary source.

Philadelphia & The Pennsylvania Dutch Country
Richard Varr, DK Publishing Inc., copyrite 2005, New
This source helps us to understand basic info about
the constitution. We can use this source to help us to
understand the constitution. This is a secondary

Miracle at Philadelphia
Catherine Drinker Bowen, Avenue of the Americas,
copyrite 1966.
This source helps us to understand how important the
compromise was to the convention. We will use this
source to help us understand how important the
compromise was to the convention. This is a secondary

A Brilliant Solution
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This source tell you what happened in story form. This helps us to understand who proposed what exactly it gives you some interesting information about New York and Delaware.

We the People
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This source explains the great compromise and what it does it also tells you how the compromise works.

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N.H.D. Topic Essay

My Topic Essay

For this year National History Day project my partner and I decided to create an exhibit on the “The Great Compromise” or what other people call “The Connecticut Compromise”. “The Great Compromise” was a resolution to a dispute between New Jersey and Virginia. This happened at the Constitutional convention. The Constitutional convention occurred in 1787 in Philadelphia.

I chose this topic because I am very interested in the Constitution and I knew that this was a topic I could get a lot of information on. While researching this topic I hope to find out each state view on the conflict and why did they agree on the compromise. I also would like to find out which delegates agreed with the conflict and if any who disagreed with the compromise.

My topic connects to this years theme because it talks about a conflict that occurred at the Constitutional convention and after a long debate a compromise settled the dispute. So it is a conflict and a compromise.

School Religion

I think religion in school is a touchy situation because by law you can not promote or discriminate any religion. My religion is Muslim. I think religion should be taught in school so people can understand other peoples religions. This can stop religion confrentation.