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Bigger v. Jesus

May21, 2008 Atiya Groomes
Grade 10
English 2
Jesus v. Bigger Thomas

Jesus Christ is a savior believed to be both God incarnate and a human being. Was Jesus the only person of his kind? Could there be a replica of Jesus or someone who is comparable to Jesus but not quite, identical? Bigger Thomas a character from Richard Wright’s Native Son is parallel to Jesus, but you can still distinguish the two. Just like Jesus, Bigger Thomas spent time alone in the wilderness, was in agony, and most importantly Bigger sacrificed his self for others.

After being baptized, Jesus immediately went into the desert for 40 days, where he was tempted by the devil. After birth, Bigger Thomas lived in an environment where few forms of life could exist, the BLACK BELT of Chicago, Illinois. Living in the BLACK BELT meant that Bigger had to live in dilapidated housing, was excluded from industrial jobs and most unions, had no positive role models, and was around all the wrong people who at times would tempt him. The BLACK BELT of Chicago was Bigger’s desert.

"And being in agony Jesus was praying very fervently; and His sweat became drops of blood, falling down upon the ground." Similarly “Bigger Thomas sank to his knees and sobbed: I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die.” Bigger and Jesus were both in agony. There are so many times where Jesus and Bigger suffered agony in their lives. Both Jesus and Bigger were arrested, beat and ridiculed. Jesus was crowned with thorns Bigger was crowned with wires from the electric chair.

Before Jesus was crucified he said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.” Correspondingly, before Bigger was sent to the chair he said “and when I’m dead and gone they’ll be saying like I’m saying now that they didn’t mean to hurt nobody”. Bigger and Jesus both had clear understanding that they would be executed; they also had a clear understanding that their killers did not mean to kill them. Bigger believed “th-that they was t-trying to get something”, Jesus believed, that they did not know what they were doing. Both Jesus and Bigger died for their society’s corrupting behaviors. Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins and Bigger was sacrificed for the way society molded him.

Ultimately, Jesus is the only one of his kind. But I must agree that Bigger Thomas is a Jesus like figure, he dwelled alone in the “wildered” parts of Chicago, was in agony and crowned, and he was sacrificed for society’s wrong doings, just like Jesus. So even though it is evident that they are not the same they are still very much alike.

Dear Mr. Romero,
I better get an A. Primarily, I worked my a** off. Secondly, this is an college essay and I did research (I never remember you assigning a research paper). Finally, those other two essays on Goodreads will be taken care of asap.
Thank you

Monday, June 2, 2008

Service Learning Project

Thursday we had a Service Learning day we planned a power point and viewed pictures. We also cleaned. Next week I have to bring a proposal to NCC.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Internship at Ballard (grade this essay)

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to pursue a career in law. Being self-motivated, I always try to take advantage of opportunities that come my way. I feel that obtaining a position as a summer intern at Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersol LLP is of the chance of a lifetime.
Once I started High school, I realized that it was extremely important to try to make all the right choices. With that awareness, I made the decision to get involved in extra curricular activities, such as Mock trial, Debate, and dance. I have also developed great qualities within myself, including diligence and a strong work ethic. Developing these qualities has helped me maintain a 3.4 grade point average in school. One of the most important choices that I have made is to enroll myself into the best college that I can.
I started working when I was 15. In May of 2007 I secured my first job at the National Constitution Center as part of the marketing department. Two months later I started working as a summer intern at Ballard Spahr Andrew & Ingersol LLP. I spent my entire summer working, but surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it. Both jobs taught me important lessons. Working at the National Constitution Center taught me the importance of an education. I also learned a great deal about people. While working at Ballard, I learned about the civil courts, and important office skills such as indexing, using office tools and much more. Near summer’s end I was asked to stay permanently as a part time employee at the National Constitution Center. I am currently employed there.
As stated above, I learned a great deal while interning at Ballard. Obtaining an internship position at Ballard this summer could help me gain even more knowledge about being a lawyer. This summer I am interested in learning more about the various types of law, what procedures lawyers take before they present a case in court, and how lawyers become partners in law firms. If I start learning about different aspects of being a lawyer now, I could use it when I go on to law school and when I become a lawyer. Along with gaining knowledge, the opportunity to intern for two consecutive years at a law firm as prestigious as Ballard Spahr would look great on a college résumé.
As is evident, I have a life long ambition of becoming a lawyer. I am very interested in obtaining a position as a summer intern at Ballard Spahr. I believe that this is an opportunity that that I dare not miss.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Service Learning Project

Last Friday for Sercice learning I started to write up a request to the National Constitution Center to make a booth for fundred dollar bills. Nexy week I will finish.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

English 2

April 15, 2008 Atiya Groomes
English 2
Period ¾
The Growth and Change of Jamie Graham

The movie “Empire of The Sun” is about World War II in the East. In this movie there is one character that I feel grew and changed the most. That character is Jamie Graham. He is a British boy living in China on British territory. Before the war, Jamie’s life was “first-class." During the war, Jamie’s life forced him to act and make choices for his self. After the war, he experienced a rebirth. Jamie changed into a whole new person.
Before the Japanese invasion in China Jamie was a spoiled little British boy. He had a driver to take him anywhere he needed to go, he attended a private catholic school, and he lived in a luxurious mansion with his mother and father. Jamie lived a wealthy life he had no care in the world.
During World War II Jamie’s Life was completely different. He lived in a Japanese internment camp. During this time he had none of the luxuries he had before. He had to hustle and bustle to make ends meet for himself and the people who he cared about. At the camp even though Jamie was living under not so good circumstances he made the choice to keep his original family values he even found himself his very own imitation mother and father who were a lot like his real mother and father. At this point you could consider Jamie a young adult.
After the war was over Jamie was sent to an orphanage. Luckily he met back up with his parents, but he did not really recognize them until he saw his mother’s hair. Actually his aura was completely different even though there were no real physical changes about Jamie you could see that he had a entirely different outlook on life. Jamie experienced a rebirth that helped him grow into a man very fast.
In effect to Jamie going from “poor little British boy” to “MAN”, I feel that Jamie Graham experienced the most growth through out the movie. He went from bratty to hustler to adult in less than 10 years. At the end of the movie he was no longer Jamie Graham he was someone else.

Service Learning Project

Last week I talked to Eli about make Fundred Dlloar booth at the National Constitution Center. This week we need to write up a proposal and find a way to make copies of fundred dollars. I would like to be the facilitator.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Day of Service Leraning

Last Friday we had our first day of Service Learning. In my Service Learning we watched a slide show about the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This made me more interested in the service that we were going to do. Even though our first day was very interesting we still did not get any thing done we anticipate to start that on Thursday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Service Learning Project

For Service Learning this year I will be working with Ms. Klose. We are raising money for Katrina victims.We are aiming to raise 1000000 dollars I imagine this will not be easy. My independent project will be either with YLFO or the Healthy Woman Project.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Result for Service Learning

Contacts-Pennsylvania Hospital(215)829-3358, MCcall(215)351-7350,

Thursday, February 28, 2008

NHD reflection

This years NHD was much easier for me. My partner and I did a project on The Great Compromise we presented our project in an exhibit. This year our biggest obstacle was finding certain primary sources such as the New Jersey Plan and The Great in document form.What made our project much easier was the fact that I did not have to search deep for answeres they were all there in all of our resources. NExt year I think I don't want to do an exhibit I think I may want to try a documentary on a life altering event that happend in the United States such as "Pearl Harbor" or "9/11". Hopefully it will be fun

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is It Really Their Fault?

Last week I was walking in predominantly African American neighborhood why, don't ask. I saw two young males smoking cigarettes looking up at a plane in the air; I heard one of them say "I could fly one of them things if I had a chance". That made me think what would happen if they were given the chance to learn how to fly a plane or whatever else they wanted to learn. Would they still commit mischief like most African Americans their age in Chicago, or would they be good citizen and not stand around and smoke cigarettes all day. Could they become doctors or become successful enough to make change, I think so. Many people say that African Americans and Caucasians are separate but equal but thats not true Caucasian get much better opportunities than African Americans,this deprives African American from being all that they can be. So the next time you see a African American standing around, committing mischief, or anything else that is not constructive just think, is it really their fault?

What do you know about Native Son?

Q. What happened right after Bigger and Buddy killed the rat?
A. After Bigger and Buddy killed the rat the mother called on the lord to have mercy hysterically, then Vera goes to comfort her reminding her that the rat is dead now. While Bigger and Buddy stood over the dead rat and spoke in tones of awed admiration.

Q. Can you write in your own words what Bigger's mother think about Bigger?
A. Bigger's mother thought that Bigger was stupid and lacked judgement or sense. She also believes that Bigger has a responsibility to be the man of the house.

Q. Besides when Bigger came into contact with white people in what other instances did you notice fear in Bigger?
A. When Bigger, Gus, Jack, and G.H. were talkin about robbing old Blum and once everyone but Gus agreed to do it. Bigger decided to cover his fear by trying to manipulate Gus to do it by calling him a coward but at the same time secretly hoping that Gus would not give in so he could get off the hook.

Q. Can you compare African American experiences from the time of Native Son to African American experiences?
A. Well racism never died, but African Americans are seen as equal more than they ever have since the 1930's and alot more African Americans do not feel intimidated by white people anymore. However I do believe that racism still exist its just not as strong.

Q. If you had access to all resources how would you help Bigger deal with being intimidated by white people?
If I had access to all resources I would get Bigger the best education, get him better clothes and I would introduce him to poor white people and successful black people.I think this would really work for him.
Receiving the best education would help Bigger alot. If Bigger was to have the same or better education than the white people he associated with this would help him not to feel inferior compared to white people. If he had the best education he would in fact feel equal or better because there would be nothing that he did not know. Bigger would be eloquent, knowledgeable and confidence, so there would be nothing for Bigger to feel inferior about.
Getting Bigger better clothes would help Bigger to be proud of his appearance and it would help him to fit in so he would not fell like the black sheep. Eventhough I do believe Bigger should get better clothes so he can fit in better I still think he should buy clothes that he likes and not what white people like.
I also would introduce Bigger to poor white people such as poor southerners who could not afford to send their kids to school, or had their homes taken away due to insufficient funds. Then I would introduce him to smart successful black people such as Jack Johnson the man who broke the color barrier in boxing and had quite a few white wives. This would help Bigger to balance out African Americans and Caucasian Americans because he would meet white people who are facing the same problems as him and black people who are just as smart and rich as the whit people he knows.
In result to doing all these things Bigger would not be intimidated by white people anymore. He would feel like he was their equal.
Q. Can you defend your position about Bigger killing all those people?
A. Bigger killed quite a few people. I don't think he is completely guilty considering the way Bigger was brought up, Bigger could possibly have lots of mental issues which could cause him to have problems with dealing with certain emotions that could possibly make him kill someone. Bigger had no father, His mother did not make anything better, and he also had no good role models.Youth in the world need at least one of the three and Bigger had none.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

English chapter Analysis

Chapter #1
Pages 1-13
Title: "You Can't Win"
Summary- An alarm clock goes off in a one room, rat infested apartment. A mother yells for her oldest son to wake up, her other son, and then her daughter. After they all wake-up they look away from each other so they can get dressed and not feel ashamed. While everyone going threw with their morning routine a rat comes on to the scene. The mother and daughter freaks out because of the rat. They start yelling for the boys to come and kill it. After a good fight with the rat and after the oldest son bitten by the rat the boys manage to kill it with a skillet. After they kill the rat the, other and sister are still hysterical. The oldest son makes it worse for his younger sister by swinging the dead rat in her face. She continues to freak out but worse than the mother start go on and on about the oldest son talking about how much of a fool he is and then she starts crying and the younger sister runs to the mother trying to comfort her. The mother continues to nag claiming she doesn’t know why she had him the oldest son while he basically ignores. She then goes in cooks breakfast and lights up a cigarette. When she finished cooking breakfast they sat down and ate bacon and drank coffee. Once again the mother starts nagging to the oldest son about how bad he is and how ashamed she is of him and starts to force to take a job that he doesn’t want to take in fear that they may lose the little income that they get. He get madder than he already is he storms out the apartment and goes down to the vestibule. While he down there he sees his sister leave and then he see a sign that he doesn’t know if it is symbolic or just concrete it says “You Can’t Win”
Analysis: This chapter is basically telling bigger that he just can’t win.

Chapter 6-“Finishing the Job”
Pg. 81-93

Bigger brings Mary home from a night out with her boyfriend, and she is really drunk. He took her to her room by carrying her up the steps. He asked her which room was hers because he wasn’t sure. So it was the right room but as he started to lay her on her bed they started kissing. As they were kissing her mother walk into the room. Since she was blind she couldn’t see Bigger in the room but called out for her daughter. While calling out for her daughter Mary, started to make noises so Bigger put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Mary’s mother was walking towards them and smelled the alcohol on Mary and thought she was drunk. After the mother left he noticed that Mary was dead. With panic he stuff her in the suitcase and carried her downstairs to the furnace. He pushed her in but she didn’t fit so he put newspaper on the floor and cut off her head and put it in the furnace also. He also put the newspaper in the furnace to leave no evidence. He left the car in the driveway and was going to blame everything on the boyfriend when the time came around. Then he just went home because his job was done …..for today.

Finishing the job means that Bigger was finishing his job in more than way. By dropping off Mary and killing her and leaving no evidence.

An Argument That Reveals a Coward
pgs #24-27
Chapter 3
In this chapter Bigger and Gus are at the pool haul and Jack and G.H. meets up with him. Bigger asks his friends who he often commits robbery with to rob a white man for the first time. All his friends are reluctant to answer at first and then Jack and G.H. pretty much just say why not and agree to it even though they have some doubt about it. Then all eyes are on Gus to agree to it but he tries to hold his ground and is not so quick to agree. Even though Bigger is on the same mindset as Gus he thinks that their mindset is scary and will take away their manhood so he conceals his fears and tries to manipulate Gus into going but secretly hoping that Gus doesn't agree so he can call it off and blame Gus for them not going through with the robbery. Gus calls him on it and agrees to go through with the robbery along the others just to spite Bigger.

This chapter shows that Bigger is a coward but he is just on the down low. He tries to make other people feel like cowards so he can feel somewhat superior even though he is inferior.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Science Fair Project

Atiya Groomes
Maurice Wise December 19, 2007
Science Project
Topic- Germs

Title- Who gets all the Germs?

Question- Which doorknob leading in or out the biology room, has the most germs?

Hypothesis- The right outside doorknob will have the most germs, because this is only door everyone touches.

1. Cotton swabs (4)
2. Toothpicks (4)
3. Microscope
4. Microscope slides (4) (labled with each doorknob location)
5. Cover slips (4)
6. Lugols aqueous solution
7. Agar plates (4) ( labled with each doorknob location)
8. dye

1. Swab a doorknob.
2. Rub that exact same swab into the correct labled agar plate.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 using different doorknob and different agar plate.
4. Let samples sit in an incubator for 60 hours at 40 degrees Celsius, to allow germs to grow.
5. Take samples out of the incubator.
6. Using a different toothpick for each agar plate take a small sample out of each agar plate and rub on the correctly labled slide.(place a drop of dye where bacteria sample was rubed)
7. Place cover slip over each slide. (where the sample was rub)
8. Place a slide on the microscope.
9. Look at the slide through the microscope
10. Make observation.
11. Record observation


Outside Biology Room (right)-
There are many tiny bacteria and about 4 larger bacteria.

Inside Biology Room (right)-
Lots of tiny bacteria about 2 larger bacteria

Outside Biology Room (left)-
Some tiny bacteria and about 4 bigger bacteria

Inside Biology Room (left)-
Some tiny particle about 3 larger particles

Analysis of Results-
The results were surprising I did not find what I thought I would find, but I did notice that the hypothesis was right.

The hypothesis was correct the door that everyone uses to enter the biology room had the most bacteria.

Geometry Project

Science Fair Project

For my science fair project my partner and I tested germs on a doorknob.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


Decision In Philadelphia, The Constitutional
Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier, The
Random House Publishing Group, copyright 1986, New York
This source helps us to understand the background of
the delegate who proposed the compromise. We will use
this source to help us learn about the delegate who
proposed the compromise at the convention. This is a
secondary source.

Philadelphia & The Pennsylvania Dutch Country
Richard Varr, DK Publishing Inc., copyrite 2005, New
This source helps us to understand basic info about
the constitution. We can use this source to help us to
understand the constitution. This is a secondary

Miracle at Philadelphia
Catherine Drinker Bowen, Avenue of the Americas,
copyrite 1966.
This source helps us to understand how important the
compromise was to the convention. We will use this
source to help us understand how important the
compromise was to the convention. This is a secondary

A Brilliant Solution
Carol Berk, Harcourt Books, copyrite 2002
This source tell you what happened in story form. This helps us to understand who proposed what exactly it gives you some interesting information about New York and Delaware.

We the People
Center for Civic Education, U.S. Department of Education, copyright 1995
This source explains the great compromise and what it does it also tells you how the compromise works.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

N.H.D. Topic Essay

My Topic Essay

For this year National History Day project my partner and I decided to create an exhibit on the “The Great Compromise” or what other people call “The Connecticut Compromise”. “The Great Compromise” was a resolution to a dispute between New Jersey and Virginia. This happened at the Constitutional convention. The Constitutional convention occurred in 1787 in Philadelphia.

I chose this topic because I am very interested in the Constitution and I knew that this was a topic I could get a lot of information on. While researching this topic I hope to find out each state view on the conflict and why did they agree on the compromise. I also would like to find out which delegates agreed with the conflict and if any who disagreed with the compromise.

My topic connects to this years theme because it talks about a conflict that occurred at the Constitutional convention and after a long debate a compromise settled the dispute. So it is a conflict and a compromise.

School Religion

I think religion in school is a touchy situation because by law you can not promote or discriminate any religion. My religion is Muslim. I think religion should be taught in school so people can understand other peoples religions. This can stop religion confrentation.